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As self-government became a major factor for First Nations within Canada, local control for education became a priority. In 1992, Moose Cree First Nation held a Special Chief and Council meeting with the Moose Band Education program. A motion was tabled and approved by Band Council Resolution resulting in the establishment of the Moose Cree Education Authority. On August 13, 1992, the Moose Cree Education Authority was officially incorporated with Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada. Following this incorporation, a Memorandum of Understanding outlined an agreement between the Moose Cree First Nation and the Moose Cree Education Authority allowing the Education Authority to address education matters for the Moose Cree First Nation Membership. On August 19, 1995, the Chief Munro Linklater Memorial Education Centre was officially opened and continues to serve several important purposes. First, it is the location of the main administration and Board office of the Moose Cree Education Authority. Secondly, it provides classrooms in support of community based programs or workshops. It also serves as a satellite campus for Contact North, Northern College and the Aboriginal Head Start/Ontario Early Years program.

The Moose Cree Education Authority is collectively committed to fostering empowerment through promoting and enhancing traditional, modern and innovative educational programs and opportunities. By providing a solid foundation of support and guidance, we will assist our learners in achieving their highest potential through lifelong learning while meeting tomorrow’s challenges with pride and dignity. With respect for all our relations, Meeg-wetch.

The Philosophy of the Moose Cree Education Authority is to achieve the cultural, spiritual, social, and economic independence for the Moose Cree First Nation members utilizing the concept of exercising jurisdiction over First Nation Education.

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