For more information on these services, please contact our Student Services support staff:

Valerie Chakasim, Coordinator of Student Services
(705) 658-4726 Ext. 253

Jennifer Seary, Student Services Officer
(705) 658-4726 Ext. 249

Post Secondary Program

This program receives core funding from Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada (AANDC) with the objective to sponsor eligible Moose Cree Members attending post-secondary institutions. The program maintains a mini resource center with current calendar/material from various post-secondary institutes.

For the Educational Assistance Package,

please click on the link below↓ (Highlighted in Blue)

 Educational Assistance Package

If you need further assistance in filling out the application, please contact Valerie or Jennifer.

Community Based Program

The program objective is to allow students to stay in their home community and obtain post-secondary education. This alleviates the problem of uprooting families and adjusting to life outside the community. In partnership with Northern College, a number of programs have been offered locally over the past year

Full Time Sponsorship Deadline Dates

November 1st – For programs beginning in January

May 1st – For programs beginning for the Fall